The most common pillow size, especially in Scandinavia, is 50x60 cm. Unfortunately this size does not support the neck like a pillow should; in stead it supports the shoulders. Our pillows are usually sized 40x80 cm, which allows the pillow to support your neck by not going under the shoulders and by being wide enough even for those who roll around while sleeping.

Especially tension around the neck area, a symptom so many of us suffer from, is a result from simply using the wrong sized pillow. At riedeck® we manufacture any sized pillow you prefer, but remember that your body will thank you for purchasing the best possible sized products.

A zipper has been sewn to the cover of the pillow so that the inner pillow can be washed in 60┬░C and dried in a dryer. The filling is pure micro fibre and patented under the name Riefill and can also be washed with the inner pillow.

There are approximately 2000 air chambers in Riefill ball fibre in each cubic centimetre. This is to ensure that the pillow will always stay flexible and supports the head and shoulders evenly. The pillow will stay in shape and never turns flat and hard like most synthetic fibre pillows.

Also, the micro fibres breathe perfectly which adds to the breathing qualities of wool surrounding it: the pillow will never be soaking in sweat and you never need to turn it around to find a cool spot from the pillow during warm summer days.

There is one more important reason why we have taken the time and effort to bring Riefill into our pillows: we all have preferences on the thickness of our pillow. Simply by opening the zipper and either removing or adding more Riefill will make it possible for you to get exactly as thick or thin pillow as you wish.