Whenever purchasing wool bedding, make sure that both sides are made of authentic wool. Some manufacturers prefer saving on costs by using wool only on the other side by placing satin or some other cheaper material on the other side. However, natural microenvironment and air circulation is possible to achieve only when both sides are made of wool.

All products manufactured by riedeckĀ® consist of app. 500g of wool per square meter.

Fibres shorn from sheep are known as wool. There are approximately 200 breeds of sheep that produce wool. Most wool is thereafter named after the breed they are shorn from. Wool has many good qualities, which can be found from all breeds; wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling damp, so wool will keep you warm even if it is a bit moist. Wool is also fireproof, soft, adaptable and flexible. Furthermore, due to being curly and having a good fibre texture, wool is an excellent insulator against both hot and cold. Wool has natural fat, lanoline, in it which makes wool reject dirt and easy to clean.