Mattress cover

Are made from two separate parts which means that both the sides are of pure wool. In between there is air, which is the best insulating material found in nature.

Approximately 500 g of wool is spent per product square meter as well as in our blankets. The reason for using so much wool is to guarantee that the blanket has all qualities required from it.

The more wool there is used in making the blanket means that there are also more wool fibres in the product receiving moisture from your body and releasing it into the room air. In other words, as contradicting as it may sound, more wool means less sweating in bed.

In addition, wool ensures that your blanket is always at the right temperature. Not only does it make an end to sweating, it also keeps you warm even in the coldest times of the year even more efficiently than extra blankets, hot water bottles or electronic blankets.

Thirdly, the great amount of wool in the products also contributes to the life span of the blanket considerably. All of the products manufactured by riedeckĀ® last for years and there is no need to purchase the same products time after time.