Usage and maintaining instructions for natural wool bedding

The natural wool products manufactured by riedeck are made of pure new goat or sheep wool and they offer a good, healthy and natural alternative to gain good nights sleep.

Please follow the instructions beneath when you take your new products in use:

Make sure that the products are as mentioned in the order signed by you.

Hoover the products carefully 3-4 times using the furniture mouthpiece and lowest suction power.

All linen used should be made of natural fibre, meaning cotton, silk or flax. Synthetic fibres prevent the qualities of wool. Also the pyjamas should be of natural fibre.

Maintaining instructions for natural wool products

By following the instructions for use you will be able to enjoy your products for a longer time and they will stay beautiful and natural white the longest time possible.

Air the products regularly 1-2 times a week either by opening the bedroom window or taking the products outside. If there is dirt on the surface, brush it away with a soft brush. During the summer time the products should not be left in direct sunlight.

It is good for the wool to clean it outside by spraying vinegar-water on the surface of the product (in proportion 1/3, one part of vinegar and three parts of water). Following this procedure few times a year will lengthen the operating life of the product and also take care of the wool.

If you wash the products, this should take place as seldom as possible and the temperature of the water should always be less than 30°C. Use only mild washing powder that is specifically meant for wool products or wash the products by using water only. Gently squeeze the products after rinsing and hang it to try in an airy place so, that the product will not stretch too much from the joints. Bloodstains can be removed fresh by rinsing the bloody space with cold water.

Using regular washing powders meant for colored wash and white laundry is not allowed for wool. The remove the wool fat, lanoline, from the fibres and this way the dirt rejecting qualities of the product will diminish.

The inner bag of the pillow can be washed when needed (minimum 1-2 times per year) in a washing machine at 60°C and it can also be drum dried.

Problem situations and how to avoid or fix them

Please make sure that the measurements in the order are correct. The mattress cover should have the same measurements as the mattress (width x length) and the blankets should fit the linen. Regular sheets shrink approximately 5-10 cm after washing them. Rights reserved to changes +/- 10% in the sizes of the products.

In case the measurements differ from your wishes, please contact the representative immediately after the presentation so that necessary changes can be made into your order.

If the blanket feels too hot during the first night, please make sure that your pyjamas and the linen are of pure cotton or other natural fibres. If the blanket continues to feel too hot, sleep there for few more nights. Usually the thermoregulation of your body will adjust to your natural blanket and "rest" latest after app. 2-3 weeks.

You will also notice how previously cold feet are now warm and muscular and neurogenous pains will diminish or cease to exist. The skin in the neck area is dry and the muscles feel more relaxed after a good night?s sleep.

The best way to keep the products at their best is by following the washing and caring instructions of the products.

All the products have the following washing instructions:

Hand wash in 30°Celsius Hand wash in 30°Celsius
No chlorine bleaching No chlorine bleaching
No drum drying No drum drying
No ironing No ironing